Role of KW

The KW Contact Center offers comprehensive and fully tailored services that are specific to your business. Our highly experienced staff carefully design and integrate client-specific operation processes that can help reduce costs and further develop your business. Our well-trained agents deliver quality customer service to achieve high rates of customer satisfaction and our system offers seamless connectivity between you and your customers.
Design and integrate.
Design and integrate white.
Client-oriented customized services to support your business
Seamless connectivity.
Seamless connectivity.
Fully prepared to serve as a bridge between you and your customers
Reach your goal.
Reach the goal.
Well-designed and integrated operation plans resulting in cost reduction and high customer satisfaction for your business

How Does It Work ?

Contact Center Services

Help Desk.

Help Desk

Our Help Desk assists customers with various general inquiries including how to navigate the customer portal and providing information about products or services. With their professional attitude and excellent communication skills, our Help Desk agents can support any business by delivering positive customer service.
Tech Support.

Tech Support

Our front-line Tech Support Team identifies and analyzes the symptoms of a product and provides a guideline for resolution of the issue. Then our Master Technicians with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the products will back up Field Technicians by investigating elevated issues and efficiently performing the troubleshooting process.
Order processing.

Order Processing

We provide comprehensive services for order processing. Depending on our clients’ needs, we can customize our operations so that our agents can accurately take and create orders through multiple different platforms.
Return processing.

Return Processing

We specialize in returns processing. Our agents can verify eligibility of product returns based on a given policy, then collect necessary information from the customer in order to conduct RMA processing with the following options:
  • Replacement (Exchange)
  • Refund
  • Repair
  • Refurbishment
Order Tracking.

Order Tracking

Our Order Management Department tracks and follows up with thousands of order statuses on a daily basis. Not only do they focus on tracking orders, they also identify and prevent issues that can possibly cause delay or other negative impacts on operations before they happen.
Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We consistently conduct surveys on our clients’ behalf to measure how satisfied their customers are about the products and services provided to them. Feedback given by the customers allow our clients to effectively build a strategy to maintain their customer base and attract new customers as well.
Social Media Interection.

Social Media Interaction

These days, a large percentage of customers actively utilize social media to express and share personal opinions on the internet. We help our clients become more proactive in interacting with their customers through different social media platforms.
Automated Notification.

Automated Notification

Our Automated Notification System is an effective tool for our clients to send out necessary notifications out to their customers. The most common uses for an automated event or time-triggered notification include order confirmation, shipping status or promotional deals provided by the clients.

Our Advantage

Experienced Leadership

KW has been offering BPO and call center services to a major electronics manufacturer for almost 10 years. With a deep knowledge and understanding accumulated from many years of experience in the industry, KW is profoundly experienced at designing and implementing efficient operation plans specific for your business. In addition, KW consistently manages and monitors agents to assure quality services, by which our clients can earn brand loyalty from customers.
Experience Leadership.

Highly Trained Agents

Our contact agents will be the front-line representatives of your business. That’s why KW puts a huge emphasis on training agents. Trainers are selected based on their high performance, leadership, and communication skills. They provide training sessions through different forms including lecture, Q&A session, self-training, shadowing and comprehensive exams. We believe that a successful operation can only start from perfectly prepared agents ready to deliver utmost satisfaction to clients’ customers.
Experience Leadership.

Automatic Call System

Our Automatic Call System significantly increases productivity of the entire operation and also prevents human error. KW is equipped with all the necessary common call systems including ACD, IVR, auto-dialer and other related features. Moreover, our internal IT department allows our contact center to proactively adapt to changes in the industry’s technologies.
Automatic Call System.


KW consists of agents from diverse backgrounds. Currently, our multilingual capabilities are mostly comprised of English and Spanish speakers. However, we are also capable of communicating in other languages as well including Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Khmer and Tagalog.


KW offers contact center service through all the available channels in the industry. Please check below for the channels we provide:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media
  • Text (SMS)

Quality Assurance (QA)


KW offers a cloud-based analytic tool which allows clients to remotely monitor our real-time dashboard from anywhere in the world. Our supervisors also monitor the calls between customers and agents to ensure a high level of quality service.


KW’s Data team provides customized reports specifically for our client’s business. Types of reports provided by KW include, but not limited to:

  • Call Data
  • Performance
  • Issue Identification
  • Customer Feedback
  • Forecast
  • KPI
Quality Assurance.

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